19.8.2018 - Went to fleamarket

Went to fleamarkets, although I guess one of them more operates like a thriftstore. I rarely find any stuff from them, but I do like to visit them as you never know what you can find, and well I sure did find stuff.

Tripod for a camera (1€)

Not gonna take picture of this as pretty sure everyones already seen a tripod in their lifetime, and if they havent.. Please use Google.

I actually dont have currently use for this but I needed this for my future plans as I plan to buy phone mount for it, and also gonna buy a in future lightbox.. To get lot better photos out of the stuff I buy. So this wasnt necessary purchase but bought it as I would have needed to buy one in future.

Fable III for PC (1€)

I still dont get it why people hate this game, although on PC version it has that awful Games for Windows Live thing no one likes.. Thankfully there is tools to pass that. Buying used games is always sort of a hassle.. You wont always know if its gonna work or not and on some games you dont know if license will work or not.. And in my case it did look like the license might not work, but turns out.. Its that GFWL piece of shit that was the issue, after I added the thing to remove it, game started fine, so now I can enjoy this game on PC. I have it on Xbox 360 too but sometimes I just cant bother hooking it up to my capture card to play it.

Wacom Bamboo MTE-450 (5€)

Out of this fleamarket haul this one was the one I didnt think anyone would sell on fleamarkets. Sure its about 10 years old and its kinda small, but it works fine, didnt come with cable for it and it uses micro cable which is rarer nowdays.. Thankfully I had one so could test it out that it works so didnt waste 5€ on it. But it has the typical Wacom-pen issue, rubber on pen had turned to sticky so gonna need to buy new pen for it at some point.. and then maybe learn to draw and how to use it.. As I cant draw at all but maybe when i have time, I will try to learn.. Thanks to my art teachers in school, art was something I really hated.. Who cares if my characters legs dont point properly, its just a drawing you old hag \O.o/ But yeah.. Drawing is something I'd want to learn to do properly, maybe one of these days..

If you have any drawing tips for someone who wants to learn, please tell me.. Or if you know any other uses for drawing tablets that might be wacky and intresting.

PS: Was going to put picture of it but it was dark outside already and I have really dim lamp, so couldnt take proper picture.. maybe in future I will have better equipment for taking proper photos that are better than they have been.


18.8.2018 - More of Wish, part 2

So for now all of my orders from Wish has arrived (Except one but I doubt anyones really intrested about indoor thermometer)

Phone case for my phone (Honor 8)

My old phone case was fine and all but it had its issues, it had stand behind it so you could hold it properly on desk and watch Youtube etc but that mechanism got really loose so it was more of a nuisance than convenience, so decided to get new phone case.. 

Dont remember the price of it, could be it was free or just couple dollars.. As you can see from picture below, it might be better to order phone cases from somewhere else than Wish, unless you prefer your phone cases already mangled.


This figure had couple issues in its back which I forgot to take photos of, but I dont really mind as they were in the back, side you usually dont show of figures. The two chesspieces it came with though, were very small. But compared to the product pictures the listing it had, the figure is actually lot slimmer which is tad annoying.


From earlier post you can see I have legit Kuroneko-nendoroid but I also wanted more of proper figure of her so I ordered one, swimsuit one. Compared to all other figures i've gotten, I cant really find any issues with her except her headband is tad loose which is easy to fix and stand is also tad loose which is also easy fix, but there isnt any issues with the figure itself which was surprising. Towel on her hand is just on her hand with basicly only gravity but thats fine as that way it makes it easy to move if you rather display her without the towel

Ram & Rem

Not much to say about these either, very fine quality, no issues either, their icecreams were tad hard to put on because you have to put them certain way so they stay in their hands.


Soo.. Out of all these figures I got, this one was most surprising one tbh, its good quality which isnt the surprising part but the things it has.. Her clothes are actually made out of some sort of fabric, her tail feels like felt, but the biggest and best part besides being awesome nendoroid, its her stand, it has magnetic plate on it and her legs and shoes both had tiny magnets in them (you can remove the shoes if you want, thus magnets on both legs and shoes) and because of that, she doesnt need the usual supports nendoroids need, she stands perfectly on her own which is really good thing.. As if you ever have had any nendoroids, you most likely know the pain and suffering of trying to place one up properly. And for those who dont know why its so hard, due to their gigantic heads, they have issues being balanced properly.

If you got any questions about anime or these figures or Wish etc, feel free to ask in the comment section. I will try to answer as fast as I can


27.7.2018 - Wish, part 1 of 2?

Soo.. Lets continue the trend of saying "So" or "Soo" at start of the blog. Guess I'm not very good at starting blog post.

But anyway. Couple weeks of ago I ordered stuff from Wish.com and heres some of it, as I'm still missing 2-3 things.. But then again, the stuff that came, came in like two weeks although their website said the estimated arrival time was 12.8.

I wont be giving links for these items in this, as there is actually multiple similar items in there. Just check descriptions etc closely to see if its legit seller or not.


I only have picture of the one, but this order came with 4 pieces with different colors (Blue, green, red, yellow).

Not really much to say about these tbh.. They work, but heres con's of it as only pro I can think of it is that they work xD

-They Work

- String they come with isnt greatest quality, does the job but already broke one when I tried to put it to the tag (You had to put them yourself)
- They have very small memory capacity (Not an issue but command I tried to add was just for opening app and that was too big for it, so better keep it to simple commands)

If you dont know what NFC-tags can be used for, you can for example make your phone screen dim or bright, adjust settings etc. Open apps, and I couldnt find the option in my phone but probably in some phones, adding website address to it so it would work similar to QR-code.

"No Game, No Life"-nendoroids


I like anime and ofcourse I had to order something anime related too, in this case these two nendoroids. They were sold together but they had separate packages. Obviously these arent official and even if they were, they would be most likely been rejected in quality control for one reason or another.

Good example of quality is this face of Shiro, as you can see there is slight imperfection inside of it, which I could easily remove obviously. Paint job on these are good, not great, there is slight errors in them that you wont notice unless you start to closely look.

Some of the pieces they came with, didnt work as intended or they were badly made. One of the Sora's hand was actually flattened to the point you couldnt switch the hand piece to something else. I wanted him to hold a game console it came with but couldnt do it because of that hand issue.

Obviously for me they are minor issues because considering how much I paid for them and how much proper ones from AmiAmi would cost, it was fine purchase. I only purchased them as shelf decoration anyways, and that Kuroneko-nendoroid in that final picture, is actual legit one from AmiAmi.

But anyways, next part for this comes in the future. And even though title says 1/2 atm, I might order more stuff from it too aslong the quality of it keeps being on around this level and the stuff arrives.



22.7.2018 - Revamping website

So I revamped my website a tiny bit more, its now just a blog. But as I'm using CMS that has lot of functionality, I can easily add new sections et cetera if I want to add new features or add pages for something that isnt related for blogs.

I might eventually add tags and other bloglike features if I bother but for now its gonna be like as it is atm.

And probably in my next blog update, I will probably give my review on Wish as I ordered some stuff from there which hasnt arrived yet.

- Tomara


19.6.2018 - New blog, Youtube and whatnot

Soo... Because I have switched over from ModX to much more powerful CMS I have restarted my blog,  and I can properly include it as part of my website too, woohoo!

Sadly all old posts are gone, but then again I decided to redo this whole website so its not much of a loss luckily.

I'm not really sure how the website is gonna end up shaping up but hopefully I will be way more active with it than I have been before.


YouTube finally decided to expand their premium plans to other countries, like the one I live in so very happy about it. Can finally pay not to see those ads in there.. And wont need to use adblocker there either. Price of it could be little lower though, the full premium is 11,99€/$/£ (They seem to use the stupid Adobe rule where 1 dollar equals 1€)

Wish I could pay not to see any ads anywhere in the internet.. Adblockers arent viable solution on some sites because if you have adblocker, it might not work unless you disable it.. Although on some sites you can figure some solutions for this which I might make guide about but if you cant wait for that.. You need to figure out how to hide elements from the page, most ads are included to websites with iframes.

Anyway, enough of rambling... More blog posts will come in the future :)